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A gen, het, slash and everything comm for the FOX TV show Almost Human

Welcome to AlmostHumanTV

We’re a general community of squee and interest for Almost Human, the TV show that premiered on FOX TV in Fall 2013.

We’re gen- and ship- friendly; all we ask is that you be 13 or older.


Open to all fans with LiveJournal or Dreamwidth accounts (which means you are 13 or older).


We’re very serious about preserving a wank-free environment in which all pairings or lack thereof can flourish. Of course you’re free to dislike things; just don’t do so loudly and vociferously here. We simply ask that you treat each other and the people involved in creating the show with respect. Accidental wankers will be warned; repeat wankers will be ejected at highway speed.

Posting Guidelines

Posting is open to all members of the community and all members may post anything reasonably on-topic, including show news, meta/questions, links to fic, and art.

While the show is running we will have regular features like episode discussion posts and we may move to tighter moderation if things get too bananas, but for now, have at it!

When posting fic please use the standard story header information at the top of the post. The essential fields that must be included are:

Pairing and / or characters:
General / Teen / Mature / Explicit (choose one of these options)
Warnings: (this can be deleted if not needed)

But you may also like to include other information such as author, word count, a story summary, any crossover details, and author notes.

Re. warnings, we ask that you warn for BDSM, Major character death, Rape/Non-con or Incest and that this warning appears before the LJ-cut. Alternatively if your story needs one of these four warnings and you do not wish to use the warning you can choose to use "Chose not to use warnings" in the warnings field instead.

Stories can be posted either directly to the comm or as links to your own LJ or an archive like AO3. For any story over 100 words and/or rated Teen and up please either link to it or place it under a LJ-cut.

We also ask that any images of an adult nature are signposted as NSFW and either linked to or placed under a LJ-cut.

RPF/RPS is AOK as long as it’s labelled as such. So is actor news if it’s a) interesting b) relevant and c) not underwear-brand levels of creepy. That includes news about these fine cast members:

  • Mackenzie Crook

  • Michael Ealy

  • Michael Irby

  • Minka Kelly

  • Lili Taylor

  • Karl Urban

Contact the mods

If you would like to get in touch with the mods at all whether it is to ask a question, make a suggestion, or for any other reason then please either PM us at the ah_mod account or drop us an email at almost.human.mod@gmail.com