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Fic: If These Walls Should Fall

I'm always working on entirely too many fics, so it took me this long to get this one online. I hope I'm not the only one left, and that those who wanted this fic enjoy it.

Title: If These Walls Should Fall
Pairing: Dorian/Rudy
Rating: PG-13, maybe
Disclaimer: Series is not mine; fic is not for profit.
Summary: The world they live in is dangerous, and compliance does not make them free. (Opens post Episode 4.)

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Fic: One of My Kind

So, some of you know from the J&B chat (I know there's cross contamination in these parts, lol) that I've been working on an AH fusion for what feels like ages. Well. It's finally finished and I had my posting day over at SFBB, so I'm going to finally expose my deep, dark, 'no, I'm not telling you the other fandom' secret and posting it here... Just, don't hate me.

Title: One of My Kind (On LJ or on AO3)
Author: heavenlyxbodies
Pairing: John&Dorian (epic-bromance)
Rating: PG13

Summary: Four years after making it through a deadly special forces mission on Mars, John was the only survivor of a police raid gone wrong. The raid took his leg and put him in a coma he should never have awoken from and taking almost two years of his life. Now back on the force, begrudgingly partnered with an android, Dorian, DRN-167, who’s too close to human for his own good, John’s being asked to go face the very things that changed his life, to follow the man who created and betrayed his partner, and face the crime group, InSyndicate, responsible for the ambush that cost him his team and his leg- all wrapped up in one nice little package over the Wall, which segregates the livable portion of the city and the area overrun by the C24s.

NB: This was really hard for me, and kinda off my beaten path… I’m a slasher- I slash, therefore I am. So, when I started this and realized OMGs this is headed for epic bromance and not slash it kinda freaked me out, but in the end I just follow where the muses lead. But, yeah, out of my comfort zone in a big way. Just, you know, fair warning.

stormbrite’s lovely art is linked through bothLJ and AO3.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I am going to do my imitation of an ostrich.

Did You Mean It? Epilogue to Straw Man

Hi. I just posted the above 'gift fic' story written for Tracker Chip in celebration of our second virtual AH fancon. You can find it at: http://archiveofourown.org/works/3559580

Almost Human Calendars for December

Here are the last of the Almost Human Calendars. Feel free to take for your own use. It's been fun.

Dorian grinned and John knew there was no turning back. They were, indeed, partners in every sense of the word.Collapse )
I'm taking part in the mxmas almost human advent calender on tumblr and a few of us made some icons for the group. Here are the three i created - very simplistic, but i hope they are okay.

You can find them on my livejournal [here+]

FIC: What Can Never Be

Title:What Can Never Be
Summary A criminal with the ability to read minds gives Dorian a glimpse into a life that can never be his


The DVD's are here.

I hope no one else has already put this up. Here is the link for Amazon to buy the Almost Human Season one. They don't have them in the proper order, so you have to have a list ready and play them by hand.

Almost Human Calendars for November

I've got three Almost Human calendars for November. Enjoy.

Three CalendarsCollapse )

Almost Human Calendars for October

So, Karl Urban.

I was second in line at his autograph table. Being in a wheelchair, I'm quite accustomed to unexpected delays and detours, so as soon as the con hall opened on Saturday, I planted my VIP-badge-wearing ass in his line and camped there like a soldier at a bivouac. Karl arrived promptly at eleven, sporting his case of chronic bed head and dressed in a natty, light blue button-down. I was immediately mesmerized by the case of chronic bed head, so much so that I was staring at it when I rolled up to him. Then he looked at me with his open, expressive face and greeted me with a cheerful, "Hello," and I froze. He was gorgeous. His face was a rosy pink, as though he'd either just scrubbed it or had taken some sun the day prior, and his eyes were far lighter than I'd expected from photographs.

"Hello, Mr. Urban, sir," I said after I'd gathered my wits, and stuck out my hand.

Normally, I can shake hands. It's splay-fingered and spastic, but it's recognizable as a handshake. His table, however, was far too high for me, so I had to crane and grope blindly, and my fingers kept sliding off his hand. I was mortified and awkwardly patted the top of his hand because I had no idea what to do.

Karl was unfazed. "Fistbump?" he suggested.

So I gave him a fistbump, and he grinned and asked my name so he could sign the picture of Bones I'd chosen. I told him, and as he signed, he talked about how excited he was to be in Louisville and see all the vendors. I asked him if I could thank him for Kennex.

"Oh, thank you," he said. "That show was so much fun to do."

"I needed him," I said. My voice was a strangled wheeze because the spasticity of CP clenches the muscles and worsens under stress or anxiety or adrenaline, which was now flowing by the gallon.

If he was confused as to why I sounded like Flipper choking on a cod, he gave no sign. He just looked me in the eye and listened intently as I tried to explain what Kennex meant to me. I know it came out a garbled mess because I could hear it. My voice could now shatter glass, and the tension in my throat had made my speech all but unintelligible. Karl patiently listened.

I held up a copy of my letter. "Look," I managed. "I know you didn't understand a word I said, but this is what I meant to say." I held it out.

He took it. "Thank you very much." He offered his hand for another fistbump. He took my Roomie's picture and asked, "Is this for her, too?" It wasn't, but Roomie said it was, so he signed a picture of Kennex. I don't think he was supposed to do that, but the con lady next to him, who had seen me trying to talk, developed sudden blindness and didn't charge me for the second autograph. I thanked him and extended my hand for another fistbump.

"Come take a photo with me," he said as I started to leave.

"I have an op, but I don't know if the booth is accessible."

"It's not?" He was genuinely surprised, and he and the con lady turned to look toward the photo booths.

"I didn't see a ramp."

The con lady furrowed her brow. "It should be flat to the floor."

Karl leaned forward on his elbows. "If it's not, and you can't get to me, tell me or a member of the staff, and I'll come to you."

"Yes, sir. Thank you."

The con lady was right, as it turned out. The booths were flat to the floor. What I had been seeing--and mistaking for the photo booth--was a small stage for costume contests and full cast shots. The booths were tiny, cloth-draped cubicles with a backdrop and a laptop and the photographer.

I was first in line for the photo op. The same con lady emerged from the booth, spun me around backward, and said, "Look who I've got, Karl."

From behind me, I heard, "There's my girl." Jovial and enthusiastic, as though he had genuinely been hoping I'd turn up. He took me from her and rolled me onto the mark, and then he dropped to his knees beside the chair and smiled.

I was so tempted to touch his hair because it looked incredibly soft and smelled like fresh spearmint, but I restrained myself. Instead, I just surreptitiously eyed his profile and marveled at how lovely he was. He radiated cheerfulness. He propped his elbow on my armrest and draped his other arm around the back of the chair.

"I'm sorry, but my eyes won't stay open."

"It's all right," he said softly, and looked at the camera.


The con lady reached for me, but he gently nudged her aside and pushed me himself. He was so very careful. Most first-time pushers fail to take into account the presence of footrests and the feet thereupon and will therefore smash them into corners and walls and doors, but he moved very slowly and made sure I touched nothing on the way out.

"Thank you," I said. I wanted to cry because here was this man I had come to adore, treating me as though I were something valuable and not a piece of freight to be transported or an obstacle to be overcome. I held myself together only because I was afraid a sudden spate of convulsive, ugly sobbing would make him think he'd done something wrong when he had done something right and an immeasurable kindness.

"No. Thank you," he said, and then he was gone, and I was so full of stunned adrenaline that I could only sit there until Roomie came out a few seconds later.

It's two days later, and I can't stop thinking about the smell of his hair as he knelt beside me or the care and respect with which he treated me. He didn't have to improvise when the handshake failed. He didn't have to give me two autographs. He didn't have listen patiently while I struggled and the line waited. He didn't have to invite me to the photo op and promise to come to me if I couldn't fit or get to him. He didn't have to maneuver me himself or walk me out afterward. He didn't have to kneel beside me and tell me it would be all right if my eyes closed. He did those things because that's who he is, because he cared, and because he's not just blowing smoke when he says everyone deserves dignity. He did those things because I mattered as much as the next fan in line. I cannot thank him enough for that gift.

Thank you, Karl. Thank you for being Bones and Eomer and every hero you have ever played. Thank you for being kind. I hope the letter I so clumsily placed in your hand brings you happiness and satisfaction and pride, and I hope I see you again someday so I can thank you for the first time around.

Meeting Karl Urban at DragonCon

Hey all! Got back from DragonCon in Atlanta the other day, where I got to meet Karl Urban! Squee!

I was able to watch his panel on DCon TV, which was great. He was so freaking funny! When they introduced him it went something like, "You know him from Judge Dredd (clapping), Star Trek (clapping) and Almost Human (THUNDEROUS APPLAUSE)". Yeah, fan support for AH was huge at the con, which makes me even more upset that it was canceled. [sigh]

One question he got about AH was about The Wall and he shared with everyone that it was going to end up being like a maze. You get over that Wall and there's another city with another Wall and another and another. But he was never told what was going to end up being in the center of it all. He also said that he "understands the reasoning" behind AH getting canceled but didn't elaborate. I wish he would've because I sure don't understand! He also said that he and Michael got to ad lib SO much dialogue. More than we know about apparently!

His autograph line went pretty quickly, but I was able to tell him how much I loved AH and how fabulous his chemistry with Michael was. He thanked me and said that he had so much fun filming and what a great guy Michael is. He also loved the print I brought him that had a picture of Kennex that said "He's Not Good with Kids. Or Cats.". Hee!

I got two photos with him later that day. When he saw what I was wearing he broke into this huge smile and said, "Oh my God, look at that shirt! That's awesome!" in that sexy-ass Kiwi accent of his that nearly made me melt on the spot!

Second pic I had with my friend Dominik. When I realized that I was going to look like a freaking midget between the two of them I had Dom lift me up! Everyone in line got a laugh out of it, though I think we startled Karl. :-)

I am SO glad I got to meet Karl and tell him how much we all loved AH. He's such a great guy. Friendly, funny and very much appreciative of his fans.

Almost Human Calendars for September

I've got three Almost Human calendars for September. Feel free to take for your personal use.

Three Calendars of Dorian and JohnCollapse )

Fic: An Almost Fairy Tale - Gen - R

Title: An Almost Fairy Tale
Author: wings128
Rating: R
Genre: Gen – John & Dorian (and supporting cast)
Word Count: 2320
Warnings: Medium references to drug use
Prompt: written for bluedelft’s Fairy Tale Meme prompt:
“How about Almost Human/Sleeping Beauty?”

Summary: John receives a call…

Read at my LJ or AO3


Ficlets: Dorian/John, Dorian/Rudy

Title: Foam of the Sea
Pairing and / or characters: John/Dorian
Rating: Teen
Warnings: Angst, Unrequited Love
Summary: Fusion with The Little Mermaid
Fic: http://archiveofourown.org/works/2063745

Title: Convincing
Pairing and / or characters: John/Dorian
Rating: Teen
Summary: Dorian and Kennex are about to go undercover as a human-android couple. Dorian thinks they should practice acting like a real couple to make sure they're convincing.
Fic: http://archiveofourown.org/works/1816723

Title: Program or Bug
Pairing and / or characters: Rudy/Dorian
Rating: Teen
Warnings: Angst
Summary: Dorian wonders if he's supposed to feel lonely this much.
Fic: http://archiveofourown.org/works/1645220

Almost Human coming to DVD!

I honestly wasn't sure this was ever going to happen! And the episodes had better be in the CORRECT ORDER on the DVDs.

I hear it has a blooper reel! SQUEE!


Running on Empty
Story by Patt and Morgan Briarwood
Art by Thenizu

Genre: Slash
Rating: Mature
Warnings: Brief but intense scenes of violence, suicide.
Summary: Plagued by nightmares and sleeplessness, John is given a stark choice - quit his job or get therapy and sort out his issues once and for all. At first, quitting seems like his best option, but thanks to his Dorian's stubbornness (and a little help from their friends) he finds he has something worth living for after all.

Door Prizes for the Battered and Broken

Story by Laguera25
Art by Subaru

Genre: Gen; past Anna/John
Rating: M for violence
Warnings: Choose not to warn
Summary: John is sure the doctors did their best to put him together again, but so many pieces are still missing

Here is the link to the first story on the Big Bang. It's Look at what the Bot Dragged In, by Kerensa. Check it out and comment if you'd like. :)

Look At What The Bot Dragged In
Story by Kerensa
Art by The Black Sluggard

Rating: PG13
Warnings: Slight sexual context
Summary: Rudy is kidnapped. The guys find out more about the scientist than they ever dreamed.



Almost Human Calendars for August

I've got three Almost Human calendar wallpapers for August. Feel free to take for your personal use.

When he was with John, Dorian could almost forget that he wasn't really human.Collapse )


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